What You Resist Persists – Lesson 1

What You Resist Persists – Lesson 1

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The fog in my brain swirled endlessly, my head felt twice it’s size and weight. Every joint in my body wept and my spine felt like it was made of wood, unable to bend in any direction when I awoke each morning. Every day I waded through the sludge of deep fatigue, sometimes wondering how I would make it from one room to the next. Every corner of my body seemed broken and I felt like I was dying.

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One thought on “What You Resist Persists – Lesson 1”

  1. Are there magnets inside these walls? The beauty and calmness on the outside for miles and miles call me- There is no beauty in the mirrors I look into- not anymore. Are these “magnets” evil? So many chores to do. So many changes to make. So many ideas to create. If only I could look at these walls with a different look; the walls with magnets in them…
    Stuck, pulling, ….stuck…
    Though these walls with magnets surround me, “Why do they attract my soul?” It cries for the outside. Have to change my way of thinking.
    So many hours, so unproductive. Physically challenging, though no cleansing. With every intention, nothing gets done! Hours fly by only feeling like a moment.
    Realization hits… I want this day back!!! My intentions spent, exhausted, …. (sighs…)
    Another day dawning,
    sun rises again.
    Thank you, God, for another chance.
    Outside pulling, tugging…
    There are those walls again…
    Good Lord, Do I have the strength today??
    The beauty of the green in the trees, the calmness of the breeze,
    Sun shining and shade welcoming.
    Do I have the strength today?
    Kill the pain. Ignore the pain… Straighten priorities. Balance chores and blessings all,
    outside the doorstep of the house with magnetic walls…

    Can I pull back my bow yet? Can I ride my bike? Walk? Swim?
    It hurts, but go with strength and might.

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