When will Lyme disease Fatalities get the same attention as other deaths?

Dying from Lyme Disease

This morning when I got up, I went to visit my mom. My mom said oh look out the window, there is a groundhog and a cardinal eating out of the bird feeder. Sure enough, a bright red cardinal was at the top of the bird feeder and a ground hog sitting underneath eating everything that was dropping out of the feeder.

What does this have to do with Lyme disease and people dying? Well for a long time the cardinal has been a sign for me that there is life after death. Many people believe the cardinal is used to let loved ones know someone who they loved. who has passed, is near. My friend recently lost someone close to her. Her symbol was a ground hog. Today, when I looked out and saw the cardinal and ground hog together, I just thought about all the angels we have lost, and that it was sweet that our “friends” came together to let us know they were ok.

But, maybe it was more than that. Maybe it was a sign of what was about to unravel for the day. As the day went on, I started getting notifications from people sending me obits of their Lyme friends who have recently passed. I run the Lyme memorial so this happens quite a bit. But today, I got four. Four people passed this month from Lyme disease or the conditions it led to.

The conditions Lyme disease can lead to are many. It can lead to dysautonomia, heart conditions, ALS, seizures, depression and many other fatal conditions.

So, if someone dies of the Swine flu, it will get national attention right away, right? If someone dies of any supposed rare disease it will be on the news 24/7, right? So why not Lyme disease? It’s bad enough we are getting ignored while we are alive struggling with Lyme, but even in death we are ignored.

Why does Lyme disease get consistently ignored?

Is it because the words, “Lyme disease” do not get put onto their autopsy reports? Is it because the person will have cardiac failure put on their report? I just wonder when an AIDS patient dies of pneumonia, do we not consider that an “Aids fatality?” Why does Lyme disease not get the same respect?

We even have an observance day, Red Shoe Day, A day to remember those we lost to Lyme and other invisible illnesses. .

I guess I am writing this post as a plea, a plea to the medical community, to the media, to anyone working in research and health care, to please stop ignoring us. Please stop ignoring Lyme, tick borne diseases and all the conditions they cause. We are slowly dying. Each day is a struggle to survive. Some are ending this struggle on their own because it is too much to bear and others are succumbing to the conditions and damage that Lyme leads to and causes.

What do we have to do for the truth of this fatal disease to be told?

If you have lost a loved on to Lyme disease or any other tick born illnesses or the conditions it leads to, and you would like them to be on the Lyme Memorial page, please contact me here.

And if you have lost someone, please share your story below. Please, let’s help spread the word on this truth of this disease.

Lisa Hilton

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