Which Lyme Treatments Helped You Most Poll

This poll below was created to help Lyme patients decide what protocol they might try next. Most of us with chronic Lyme know that we must try several things before we find the one treatment or protocol that will help us.

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8 thoughts on “Which Lyme Treatments Helped You Most Poll”

  1. The therapy to help me is the “ultimate zapper” …. it kills the lyme spirochetes that are hiding. ..being protected by the biofilm…. listen to actress karen allen talk about it http://bit.ly/1q4AC9f

  2. IV after a yr mixed with orals I’ve seen the best improvement. Problem is had to stop, cant afford any longer so at about 50% remission. Just orals 5 times just made me herx and ruined my stomach. Havent tried Herbals but most ppl I know are in remission from IV and homeopathic I have a lot of experience with from other medical issues and dont believe they would help me this sick.

  3. Cannabis oil. Has helped with brain & fibro pain.
    Was on IV 6 times & many diff combos of orals for 7 yrs straight, no stopping or pulsing.
    C.O. has done more for me in 1 yr than any antibiotic has ever done.

    1. Hi K! I use cannabis also and I agree with you….I hadn’t “smoked” since high school and here I am almost retirement age using cannabis. I use a vaporizer though since there is no place for me to get cannabis oil at this time. Can you p.m. me and let me know where you get yours? alxkwriter@yahoo.com I’ve grown and I’ve made tinctures but the process of making my own oil and the possibility of exploding myself into a million pieces makes me think twice before trying to attempt to make my own….that and you need about a POUND a very high-quality mj. But I am SO GLAD someone else out there are seeing HUGE benefits from this. I’ve found that certain strains actually make me Herx! Has this happened to you at all?

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