cut your hair for lyme disease

Who is Cutting their Hair Off for Lyme Disease Awareness?

cut your hair for lyme disease


Karen Smith, Australian Activist and Lisa Hilton, American activist are cutting their long locks to raise awareness Lyme disease. These two met many years ago while working on the Worldwide Lyme Protests together and have coming up with new campaigns ever since to try to get out global Lyme awareness. Check out there non profit, Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organisation.

What is the point of cutting off their hair?

  • To Raise money for Lyme treatments and awareness. 50% of money raised through “Crop the Mop” fundraisers will go to GLilo for our campaigns we do throughout the year such as, “Red Shoe Day” and “Holiday Wishlist for Lyme Patients.”  The other half will go to the person cutting their hair for their own treatment or for whichever Lyme patient they decide to give it to for their treatment.
  • We timed this campaign to coincide with the Australian Lyme Disease Senate Hearing. today as I write this, November 30th, 2016, the Final Senate report into Lyme disease will be coming out. This is to help make people aware in the Southern Hemisphere that ticks are more active in the coming Summer months and that if bitten, to seek medical advice.

How You Can Participate

What Happens to your Hair after you Cut it?

  • Karen Smith will be donating her hair to an Alopecia organisation in Australia.
  • Lisa Hilton will be donating my hair to Pantene, who makes wigs for free for women with cancer. Here are the intructions for anyone else wanting to learn about this.

For more about the campaign see:

Others Who Joined In


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