Who the heck is Crystal Stull?

Who the heck is Crystal Stull?

Well, she is a very wonderful, creative and hard working member of our Lyme community.

"As sick as Katie was the last half of the year and missing 43 days of school this was a huge day for us. She did not let Lyme rule her she not only graduated with her 8th grade class but she did it with honors!" Says Crystal about her daughter.
“As sick as Katie was the last half of the year and missing 43 days of school this was a huge day for us. She did not let Lyme rule her she not only graduated with her 8th grade class but she did it with honors!” Says Crystal about her daughter.

That’s who she is. She’s a mom, a Lyme patient, and an activist. We decided to feature Crystal today because she has many new and unique ideas on how to spread Lyme disease awareness.

Crystal runs a Lyme Support Group:
Where: Ashland County City Health Dept 1763 St Rt 60, Ashland Ohio 44805
When: We have them every other week.

From Crystal about her July 2015 Event

Lyme Awareness Hot Air Balloon and Float in the Bicentennial Parade

I would like to share what we have very quickly approaching because we would like a strong Lyme Disease presence if it possible for any of you.  We stepped out on faith and secured a balloon in the Ashland Bicentennial BalloonFest and if everything falls into place today we will have our place secured in the Bicentennial Parade. To our knowledge this will be the biggest Lyme Disease Awareness presence that has been done in Ohio. In past years the BalloonFest has seen over 20,000 spectators. We have already been published in over 40,000 books that have been inserted in papers. Plus we will have a vender spot during the event.
Before I go on with that let me recap, In May we had 3 yard signs donated along with Lamar Advertising donated the use of their digital billboards anytime that they were not paid for during the month. What a huge blessing these were to our cause. We have a done a “Dine In Fundraiser” at Bob Evans where anyone who took in a flyer on our designated days we receive 15% of their total bill (we have not heard the how we did on that yet).
Moving forward, we are putting a 501c3 in place and putting a local foundation on the map. All of this takes help, people who have the same passion to make our communities, our friends, neighbors aware Lyme does exist in our back yards. To make a network, a safe haven where we who are battling this disease can all come together and share our thoughts, worries, concerns. There is no need to struggle alone anymore.
So in saying all of this we need support whether it be that you can come in any way July 2-4 or if you would like to make a donation to offset the expenses (what donations do not cover I am personally liable for, we have no corporation or business backing this). I realize that everyone has medical expenses we do too and that is why we so desperately need to make this push. My prayer is that the presence made during this doors will open and once the foundation is I place we will be in a much better place to help those that need it.
There is a big picture here we just need help getting there….for those of you that are too sick to travel please know, we are fighting for you, never give up hope! 
Blessings and Prayers,
Crystal Stull
Ohio Lyme Aware
234 Parkside Drive
Ashland, Ohio 44805

This is from the first publication printed…. Perfect balloon for the Bicentennial year … We should get a lot of flight time, every time the balloon is mentioned Lyme Disease Awareness, Ohio Lyme Aware is mentioned….


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From Crystal: “They said over 10,000 in attendance Thursday night 12,000 Friday night (meaning from 4-9) the parade I have head 2 figures with a huge spread 12,500 and 22,000 so not sure if one was for the parade and the other was total for the day. So many huge unexpected things happened that got us even more awareness. We were asked to come up with 8-10 people to man the jump houses, Katie got her class mates to do that on Friday night, the hourly pay for that goes to our non profit. Then when our pilot heard about our cause and 2 of his crew members were from PA, one being a nurse very familiar with Lyme. He invited us to be on his crew so we had extra time with the other 31 pilots and all of their crew to share. He did that because when they go to other races and events they are always asked the sponsors they meet…they go all over the country some of the pilots and crew all over the world…. This was better bigger Awareness than I even imagined!

Then we took cans and cans of bug spray (bought out the store) and let anyone in attendance spray themselves as prevention. 2 new businesses donated baskets to raffle to bring people to the table…. It was a win.

So as you can see, Crystal has had some amazing unique ideas on how to bring about Lyme awareness. Way to go Crystal. Thanks for all your hard work and your creativity. cooltext123806481691559

2 thoughts on “Who the heck is Crystal Stull?”

  1. katie, congrats on your graduating with your class in spite of being so many days with lyme/company!

    Crystal, YOU are 1 amazing woman; kudos on everything you have done and planning to do for JULY 2-4th in ohio.

    best wishes for financial support and on your road to remission!

    hugs/prayers to you both,

    bettyg, iowa lyme activist

    46.5 yrs. chronic lyme
    35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs.

    1. crystal,

      i think it would help to know the TOTAL $$ needed that you mentioned in passing above; thank you 😉

      bettyg, iowa

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