Who’s Who in the Lyme World

Authors of the flawed IDSA Lyme Disease Practice guidelines

Gary P. Wormser – Raymond J. Dattwyler – Eugene D. Shapiro – John J. Halperin

Allen C. Steere – Mark S. Klempner – Peter J. Krause – Johan S. Bakken – Franc Strle – Gerold Stanek

Linda Bockenstedt – Durland Fish – Stephen Dumler – Robert B. Nadelman



Doctors who have battled the Medical Board for treating Lyme
Dr Charles R. Jones- http://www.drjoneskids.com/

Dr Hoffman- From Waupaca Wi. Undergoing another hearing right now.

Dr Denise Lang- She wrote a book on her experience.

Dr Jemseck- http://www.jemsekspecialty.com/reemergence.php

Dr. Geoffrey Gubb

Dr Ernie Murakami

Dr Burrascano

Dr Therese Yang

Dr Hoffmann

Read more details about these cases here:  http://www.squidoo.com/the-witch-hunt-of-lyme-doctors

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  1. Dr. Laila Zackrison was also heavily investigated in Northern VA. She went thru a very lengthy trial and was cleared.

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