Why is Lyme being Covered Up?

lyme-cover-upThis is the million dollar question. After being diagnosed ten years ago, after being sick for fifteen years, I thought how could I have gone to over 100 doctors in 3 different states over a course of 15 years and not had 1 doctor think to test me for Lyme Disease?

Is it lack of knowledge on the doctors part? Are they just not trained to look for Lyme Disease or other tick borne illnesses? Why do they get mad at patient’s when Lyme Disease is brought up? Are they being asked to look the other way when it comes to Lyme Disease? And, why?

After doing some very amateur investigating of my own, and after reading several books, googling this controversy, this seems to be what I came up with.

1. Doctors are just Truly Ignorant when it comes to Lyme Disease

I have talked to a couple doctors about this. I have asked why most doctors refuse to treat Lyme Disease. Here are some of the answers I have gotten.

  • We are taught in medical school that Lyme Disease is easily diagnosed and treated with a short course of antibiotics.
  • I don’t remember being taught anything about Lyme Disease.  (Scary considering it is the #1 vector borne disease.)
  • One patient came to me with a story. I can not verify this as being true or false but I’ll let you be the judge. After several years of trying to help a patient, a family doctor said this, “I cannot treat you anymore for Lyme disease. Our HMO sent out a letter to phsyicians stating that if there are no cases of Lyme disease diagnosed in the following year, you will each receive a large bonus, if there is one case of Lyme disease diagnosed, noone will receive their bonus.” If this patient and doctor are both telling the truth, it is just unimaginable and against every oath a doctor pledges.
  • Doctors just don’t have time to treat us appropriately and they are overwhelmed by our difficult disease. We all know that doctors, especially working under HMOs are dictated to how long they are allowed to spend with a patient. One doctor told me insurance companies dropped him after he refused to stop taking long historys of each patient.  He said he was only allowed six minutes per patient per day. He refused to follow this, and the insurance dropped him.
  • Because of the ever changing Lyme symptoms, patients come across as hypochondriacs or addicts searching for pills. Albeit, it is usually antibiotics they are looking for.
  • Doctors don’t look at patients in the manner of “whole body” health anymore. They look at each body part separately from the other. If you have heart symptoms you to to a cardiologist, if you have neuro symptoms you go to a neurologist, if you have stomach issues to a gastroenterologist. Noone stops to think if one infection can be causing the multitude of symptoms you are having.

2. Insurance/Pharmaceutical Companies and Idsa Ties To Both

The insurance companies do not want to pay for treatments for Lyme Disease. And by following the IDSA’s Lyme Diseaese guildelines, they don’t have to. Once when I was in an office the doctor literally googled the treatment for Lyme Disease in front of me, and said since I had been on Doxycyclene for three weeks and was still sick, it must not be Lyme that I had.

Note: The part that I don’t understand with this theory, is that the insurance company might not have to pay for antibiotics for Lyme, but they will still have to go  on to pay for the multitude of tests doctors are still going to order or all the pain pills and psych meds that Lyme patients often get prescribed. Or are they making more money on diagnosing Lyme patients instead with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and MS, all diseases that will have to be treated for a lifetime. So they aren’t paying for Lyme treatment but are paying for other treatments. Could it be that if they treated Lyme quickly with antibiotics, the treatment would be shorter course then the psych meds and pain pills that would most likely become a lifelong profit for pharmaceuticals? Do the pharmaceutical companis and insurance companies work hand in hand?

The other part I don’t understand about this theory is that when I google the IDSA guidelines myself, they did talk about neurological Lyme and about long term or iv treatment. But, they do infer that neurological Lyme is rare, is that why doctors don’t look passed the 3 week antibiotic course? Because they think Chronic Lyme is rare?  They don’t bother to use their own judgement and think, “Well this patient is really sick and has been sick for a long time so maybe this is one of those “rare” cases when someone has neurological Lyme?

To see the IDSA Lyme Guidelines writers connections to insurance and vaccine companies, Click Here. 


3. Plum Island Theory

In the book, Lab 257, the first two chapters talk about how the US hired nazi scientists from Germany who specialized in Biowarfare and plopped them right down on Plum Island equipped with a lab to combine Borrelia and Mycoplasma to make a more virulent strain. Unfortunately some ticks got off the island via deer and birds and soon travelled to Lyme, Connecticut where an outbreak of “sick children” occurred. Thus giving “Lyme Disease,” it’s name.

For obvious reasons the US government would not want to admit this happened.  They would have thousands if not millions of sick Lyme patients demanding answers for this inexcusable decision to hire nazi scientists to experiment with ticks  and dangerous infections on an island just 17 miles off the shore from Lyme Ct.


These are all just my humble findings.  I know many Lyme patients and activists do not like to talk about the conspiracy side of Lyme Disease. They fear it will make us look “crazy” and “unbelievable.” Not sure why when just a couple years ago President Obama came out with the truth about the syphilis experiments the US lead in Guatemala infecting healthy people, ending in 83 deaths. See Tuskagee Experiment Here. History does repeat itself. Maybe when the people who are involved in the cover up of Lyme Disease are all gone and buried the truth of this situation will come out too, when there is noone left to be held responsible. Unfortunately, by then, it will be too late for too many.

~Lisa Hilton


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