Why is the CDC Trying to Block an Accurate Lyme Disease Test?

cdctestFrom the Article:
Why is the CDC Trying to Block an Accurate Lyme Disease Test?

Comment from Bob Goodwin:
“At first I took the article and paper at face value, and tried to dig into the errors of a chronic-Lyme disease researcher. The only errors I could discover were by the CDC, and they seem blatant. In the same article about the CDC paper was the explanation that they did not want tests that might lead to unnecessary antibiotic treatment. While it is understandable that the CDC would not want a bad test, why would they block a good test? Because it will cause people to get treated? The CDC is on record taking the position of the Infectious Disease Society of America on treatment of Lyme disease, but it seems odd for the CDC to be taking a position to kill this test, especially considering that two different university hospitals are currently doing independent reviews of the same test.”

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