Karen New, a Lyme Patient uses Hyperthermia as an aid in Healing

Karen’s husband watching her in the hypothermia chamber.

Thank you for stopping by whatislyme.com to read about Karen New’s journey while trying to heal from Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses. We will follow Karen’s journey through hyperthermia and other treatments she decides to do. So check back for updates on how Karen is doing.


From: The Lyme Project;
‘This short film was made for a final year uni project, photojournalism major. It follows the journey of Karen who seeks overseas treatment for chronic late stage Lyme disease and co infections (Lyme like etc yet to be named and acknowledged in Australia).”


From Karen:

“There are a few clinics, one in Germany and this one in Malaysia that believe raising the body temperature to a point where it kills bacteria. The clinic in Malaysia puts you under anesthesia and raises your body to 42 degrees Celsius/107.6 Fahrenheit in a hyperthermia chamber.

Whilst this is happening you are treated with high dose antibiotics via IV. The day before hypothermia treatment many patients either have a pic line or port placement which enables the ongoing treatment of antibiotics and supplements for the time period you are there.

I will be going back in 6 months time for my 3rd treatment. Meanwhile at home I am self treating with antibiotics and supplements via the port. For me the treatment in Malaysia definitely helped before I left I was limping badly and I do not anymore. My speech has improved but still gives me grief. My overall body pain went to zilt after the treatment but is slowly returning as I treat with antibiotics. But this pain could be due to co infections or herxing. The concept behind hypothermia is to knock down the spirochete load to enable the immune system to kick in.”

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