lyme deaths

William D. Geiser

lyme deaths

William D. Geiser

From Mike Nichol  (Wisconsin Lyme Network)

The William D. Geiser Lyme Away Lodge was opened for homeless lyme patients in Wisconsin in his honor. Unfortunately it did not work out and doors have closed but William will live on in our memories.

The lodge was named after William D. Geiser, a local man that suffered for many years with lyme and co-infections, was misdiagnosed and never given adequate treatment. William had repeatedly told other members of the community that one day, there should be a lodge or clinic where lyme patients could go to recover. He said he would call it the “Lyme Away Lodge”.

As fate would have it, on the very day that William was scheduled to have his first ever LLMD appointment, those volunteering to pick him up for the appointment found him deceased at his home. I spoke with one of those volunteers this evening. She was quite emotional at the thought of this being named after William and so it shall be.

Let us continue to walk for those unable.

Thank you,

Mike Nickel

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