Wishes Grants for the Holiday Wishlist 2014


Whatislyme.com would like to say thank you to all the generous people who donated to the Lyme patients on the Holiday Wishlist for 2014.  We can not put into words how much we appreciate the generosity and support that came in this year. Not only did you help patients get treatment, pay for basic living bills, put gifts under the trees for children, you also gave these people hope. You made them feel, “not so all alone.” So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Lisa Hilton

Here is a list of some of the donations. There are just the ones we know about or could keep track of. We are sure there is many more!


Wishes Granted from Anonymous Donors

Several Cash donations in the memory of Chris Morbelli. This quote is from her brother, “This is in memory of Chrissy Morbelli-Urbanowski, my sister. This is my Christmas present to Chrissy in heaven because this is what she would want me to do. Please think of her when you receive this.” ~ David Bell

Numerous Cash Donations for treatment and living expenses given.

Blanket for a young man given.

One Christmas angel donated $700 to be split up between recipients.

Cards sent

Several Gift Cards sent!

Epsom Salt given

Rife Machine given

2 Dr Horowitz books given away.

A wishlist recipient received a heating blanket.

Gloves, scarf and slippers sent to someone.

 Lyme Herx Drops, Raw Meal, tissue salts and Vita Lanne given away to Lyme patients.

Someone donated a box of toys, games, crafts gloves, diary, socks, etc. about 20+ items to a child.

Another box of toys given away.

A couple bottles of Cats Claw given away.

Somebody sent another Lyme patients an Apple computer!

The chlidren of one family all made homemade cards for the people that asked for Christmas cards for their wish.

Another family’s children chipped in their allowance and babysitting money and sent $90 to another patient’s Lyme Doctor.

Lyme patients exchanged Candadian money for American money.

Inspirational book sent to a Lyme patient from another Lyme patient.

A Little Girl Sleeping with her Doll she Received

Deb writes, “

Our Christmas was wonderful. Everyone was so happy! To me, that is a good Christmas! I also wanted to share a picture of my daughter, i took this morning, sleeping with her new doll Bridgette sent her. Warms my heart! I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this possible, Carmen, Bridgette, diverdeb and to you!!”


Tina got her Glasses!

She writes, ” So happy to finally get my glasses Thank you Hilton Lisa for the holiday wishlist and to the generosity of Mr & Mrs. Brian Rutherford for making my wish come true. God bless you words can’t express how grateful I am .”


Linda’s Son got his blanket!


A box of goodies sent to one family.

“This care package came on a day when I really needed help.” ~ Anonymous


More items donated by very generous donors! Thank you so much for making these kids have a very happy holiday!


Wishes Granted from the Dollar Bucket Donations:

Bernadette get a $25 donation towards her hearing aids.

Gia got $25 towards helping her and her mom with treatment.

 Lisa R got $25 towards getting gifts for her mom and grandchildren.

Monique recieved $25 towards medical treatment.

Leighann received $25 towards supplements and treatment.

Robin received $25 towards fixing her home.

Bridget received $25 for gas cards.

Katherine got $25 towards grooming her service dog, Rosie.

Lyme Dad got Best Buy Gift Cards for each of his 4 sons.

Sher received $90 towards helping her daughter.

Tracy recieved $90 towards her naturopath visit.

Sarah received $60 towards a safe place to live.

Tina’s Glass have been paid off!

$25 was sent to Leana.

$25 sent to Kristi.

$25 sent to Brittany to get her kids gifts!

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2 thoughts on “Wishes Grants for the Holiday Wishlist 2014”

  1. This wonderful! How do I apply for help for my family if we find we need it this holiday season. I have not been able to work full time in months and do not know when I can return. Please email me info!

  2. To all my fellow Lyme Warriors I could not choose one of you to give too..So I hope the money I was able to donate will be a blessing to someone in this Season of Giving. When we celebrate the greatest gift ever Christ! Have a Blessed Christmas and praying that 2015 will bring us all better health!

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