Worldwide Lyme Picture Campaign


Lymies Worldwide, this is the very beginning of another BIG thing. We hope so at least. We invite you to post your photo in this album on our G+ site, together with your story (if you wish). Our goal is at least thousands and at best a million photos in that album (or in several albums on our page there if there’s a posting limit), photos from the whole world, from every country. This is our latest way to simply, from our homes, illustrate the problem and try to bring about change. Help us spread the news around the globe, add your pic…

One picture each please!

1. Click this link

2. Click on “Attending.”

3. Then on the right, click on “view all photos.”
4. Click “Add Photo” on the top right.
5. Upload your picture then in the comment section under your picture, add your story, what country you’re from or a link to your story if it’s on a blog.

Try it out and tell us how you like it. Was it easy enough? Any suggestions or feedback?

This is International, we want faces from all over the world! Make sure to put your country on there!


Here’s a diagram in case you have trouble finding the “Add Photo” button.

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