Worldwide Lyme “We are the Millions” Album


As part of the Worldwide Lyme Protest this year we decided to do some online events. We realize not everyone can make it to a protest, walk or rally. So one of the projects, Charlotte Therese Björnström, from Sweden came up with is the “Worldwide Lyme Album,  We Are The Millions.” Let’s show the CDC that we are more then 300,00, let’s show them we are millions.

Please add your picture. Here are some instructions to help.

One picture each please!

1. Click this link

2. Click on “Attending.”

3. Then on the right, click on “view all photos.”
4. Click “Add Photo” on the top right.
5. Upload your picture then in the comment section under your picture, add your story, what country you’re from or a link to your story if it’s on a blog.

Try it out and tell us how you like it. Was it easy enough? Any suggestions or feedback?

 This is an international project. We want pictures to tell the story of how Lyme is spread across the world. Here are the countries represented so far with a couple pictures from each. Please add yours!

 Click on the Countries Names to go to 2013 Worldwide Lyme Protest Photo Albums

“I’m from Australia but got ill in the USA almost 30 years now.”

Shaune Burke from Canada

Joan from Denmark

Marjatta from Finland


Joshua Verhoeven, NL, 31 years, fighting chronic Lyme with lots of Hope, Strength, Humor, Believe, Willpower and is very proud of the establishment of the Dutch foundation HOPE FOR LYME
Ilse Jurriens from Velserbroek in the Netherlands.
Gerrit Egberts Deventer from Holland

Pam Thomson ~ South Africa

Charlotte Therese Björnström from Sweden

Danielle~ “”I had no idea I had Lyme until I was diagnosed with Alexis in June. Her case is congenital.”



Sarah from the US

Kes Elliot

Laurie Knowlton
“a good day…..i could spend time with my art.”


Angeles Wings
My son is now 8 and on a GF DF diet and being tested for Lyme Disease this year due to pain in his feet and legs.”



Photo Credit:
Alexandra Lopez
Photo Credit: Kara Welch
Matthew Thies
“Squishing Lyme One Herx At a Time.”

Kim Martin
Diagnosed at 25 – One year of treatment down, with a long journey ahead…

Tracy Will
My son became a Firefighter and an EMT with a PICC line in.

Purple LymeGirl
March 2013, I lost my hair to Lyme Disease.
Photo Credit: Amber Limbaugh
Photo Credit: Angele Rice

To Add Your Picture to the Worldwide Lyme Album

6 thoughts on “Worldwide Lyme “We are the Millions” Album”

  1. I’m looking for the answer was just diagnosed with Lyme disease 2 weeks ago. I encourage the Rife machine I encourage healthy supplements build your immune system so you can fight this nasty disease

  2. I couldn’t leave a photo, because the link wasn’t available, but I want to be counted:
    I’m Ellen, 36 years old, 5 years in, fighting for treatment.
    I live in Center Sandwich, NH. USA
    I have been begging for recognition for 5 years, getting marginal treatment for two (from a doctor who I’m sure believe it’s a mental issue)
    Reproductive and digestive systems destroyed, but I can still walk, and sometimes think clearly and for that I am grateful.
    And to anyone who sees this message and suffers this disease I love you like a brother or sister and hope with all my heart that you find and answer, and help, and health again.
    My love to anyone who struggles and is not heard,

    1. Ellen,
      Thank you for your writing.
      Your words just brought tears to my eyes, and meant more to me than you know.

      Bless you , and right back to you.
      Carolyn Hamilton

    2. There is hope! I was treated in Seattle wa with antibiotics for 8 years and have been off all meds now for 8 months and am feeling great!! The Dr there is Dr Martin ross, one of the few drs who will treat with antibiotics long term.

  3. “When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found.”

    Decades of my life has been robbed by a “silent” killer. It’s our turn to make our voices heard!

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