Worldwide Protest May 10 & 11th, 2013

Well this is it! This weekend, May 10 & May 11th, over 30 countries and over 20 states will be protesting, having rallies, walks, info booths, and UOS showing to help educate the public and medical societies that Chronic Lyme is very real and we are not going to stop until it is recognized!

Thousands of lime green ribbons have been put up, and thousands of porch lights have been turn to green for May, Lyme Awareness month.  If you would like some ideas how to participate from home please visit:


State Events List

1. Alabama

State Coordinator: Lynne Hatcher

Alabama won’t have a specific physical event on the same date as everyone else, they have scattered events happening :

Montgomery Gathering at the Riverfront – May 18th


2. Arizona

State Coordinator: Laurie Fahey Email:

Where: Mayo Clinic 13400 East Shea Blvd

(on the sidewalk of the Mayo Clinic)

When: Friday, May 10 at 12:30pm – 3:00pm.

What: We will be handing out educational info on Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses.We have brochures for physicians and the public.


Tina J. Garcia the founder of L.E.A.P will be speaking about “Is Lyme Disease In Arizona” at 3pm at the meeting room in the Marriott.

We will also have a Wellness Practioner speaking.

We will have fellowship and give aways. Come get some support and share your concerns.

We will supply Lyme Diseaese Brochures, Tick Kits and other info to passerby or any medical staff that would like to come talk to us


3. California (2 events)

Event 1 Southern California

State Coordinators:

Caryn Brady Email: Sandi Bohle Email:

When: Fri May 10th Protest at UCLA Medical Center 11-2

and Sat May 11th informational protest at SM Pier. (11-2 or 12-3)

Sat May 11th Late afternoon or evening – Free showing of UNDER OUR SKIN – Time & Location TBA as we are still looking for a venue that will donate the space & has a screen, video projector, & dvd player.

Lyme patients will be gathering to support educating medical staff and the public about Lyme Disease. We will supply Lyme Disease Brochures, Tick Kits and other info to passerby or any medical staff that would like to come talk to us.


Event 2  Northern California

State Coordinator:

Mary Rushing

When: May 11th starting at 10 a.m. outside Napa Valley Expo


4. Florida (2 Events)

Event #1

State Coordinator: Allison Hoffmann Email:

When: May 10th, 2013 10:30 – 12:30

What: Info Booth for Lyme Disease Awareness


Event #2

State coordinators:

Connie Murray Email Contact: murrayc61@gmailcom

Nikki Murray Email Contact: (

“Key Lyme Time: A Lyme Disease Awareness, Charity Fundraising & Family Fun Day Event”

When: May 11th, we are hosting from 12-6pm

Where: Old Spanish Trail Park in Crestview, FL. Georgia

For the 4th consecutive year, Georgia Lyme Disease Association (GALDA) has worked with the Georgia governor’s office to officially declare the month of May “Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Month” across our state. This year is no different and we thank Georgia Governor Nathan Deal for urging citizens to educate themselves about tick-borne diseases (TBD) and their prevention. The Governor’s 2013 official proclamation has already been issued and will be presented in May.GALDA is planning media interviews and advertising to promote Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Month during the month of May. We will focus on TBD prevention and education measures. As always, we offer free Lyme and Tickborne Disease brochures, which are also available online at our website for instant download at this link:, we will host a potluck picnic for patients and their family members. All are invited. Date/location to be announced. We hope to again share our “Georgia Faces of Lyme” video at this event.For more information contact GALDA at:


6. Illinois

Illinois Coordinator: Jim Berger Email:

What: Peaceful Protest to bring about Lyme Disease Awareness

Where: Daley Center Plaza & Tribune Towers

When: May 10 & 11th

Please stop by the Chicago Website for more details!


7. Iowa

Iowa State Coordinator: Joni Comstock Email:

Where: Des Moines Capitol Bldg (west garden of the State Capital grounds)

When: May 11, 2013 11:00am – 2:00pm


8. Kansas

Kansas Tick Borne Disease Advocates

What: Lyme Walk

When: May 11, 2013, 10 AM

Where: South Park 1041 Mass. St, Lawrence, KS

Will have “The Traveling Lyme Flags”


9. Maine

State Coordinator: Angele Rice

When: May 10th and 11th.

Event # 1 Awareness table at the Bath Farmer’s Market in Maine May 4th and May 11th
Event # 2  Protest  by Tim Hortons and Super Cuts on Wilson&State street. 530 pm May 10th. Please make Bright Lyme Signs. Wear Lyme Green!


10. Maryland

State Coordinator: Lindsay Hanna Email:

What: Spin-A-Thon

Where: Big Vanilla Athletic Club Arnold/Severna Park

1209 Ritchie Highway,

Arnold, MD 21012

When: Friday May 10 at 5 pm- Saturday May 11 at 5 pm

Benefiting NatCapLyme!


11. Massachusetts

State Coordinator: Kenneth Mercure Email:

Where: Brewer Fountain at Boston Common

When: Friday, May 10th, 11am – 3pm

What: Lyme Rally


12. Minnesota (2 Events)

Event # 1

State Coordinators:

Angela Castle Email:

Shaunna Oltman

What: Lyme Awareness Picnic

When: May 11 at 2pm

Where: Riverside Park 100 North 1st Street, Grand Forks, ND 58203


Event #2

State Coordinator: Jessica Sundeen Email:

What: Awareness Booth

When: May 11

Where: Cabelas 20200 Rogers Dr Rogers, MN 55374


13. New Hampshire

State Coordinator: Nancy Bourassa Email:

When: May 11th 3:00pm until 9:00pm in ET


Large rally with multiple events happening all day.


14. New York ( 2 Events)

Event # 1 NYC Event

State Coordinator: Vanessa Holden Email:

When: Fri, May 10, 12-4 pm

Where: Union Sq, NYC

Speakers at the Event

Practitioners / Physicians

Dr. Daniel J. Cameron – NY (past president and co-founder ILADS, president 2013), lyme and epidemiologic research

Dr Kenneth B. Liegner – NY, internal medicine/critical care, treating lyme since 1988

Dr. Andrea Gaito – NJ (former president ILADS, current Treasurer, ILADS) rheumatologist/internist

Dr. Charles Ray Jones – CT (ILADS, pediatrician who has treated 20,000 children in Europe, Australia, US, Canada, Mexico, S Africa, Pakistan, India, Singapore, China, Japan, N. Korea, S. Korea, Saudi Arabia etc.

Dr. Eva Sapi – CT – University of New Haven, Dept of Biology and Environmental Science, tick-borne disease research

Tracy A. Hans – NJ, LPC, ACS, Therapeutic Alliance Group, lyme literate Psychotherapist

Gerald T. Simons – NY, PA-C, works at the Morrison Center, NYC.

Other speakers:

Douglas Nadjari, Esq. – NY, who successfully counseled Dr. Liegner through the OPMC process

Jill Auerbach – NY, Hudson Valley Lyme Disease Association – tick prevention

Jeff Christiansen – Fire Island four poster deer program

Evan White – Advocate/attorney/former patient

Anonymous children – lyme patients

Pam Weintraub – author “Cure Unknown” – book signing


Event # 2

Albany Event

State Coordinator: Marty Linton Boden Email:

What: Lyme Rally

When: May 10 at 11:00

Where: NYS Capitol in Albany


U.S. Congressman-Paul Tonko (NY-20th district)

Letter from U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19th District) read by Steve Bulgar, District Director

Steven J. Bock, MD, over 30 years of complementary and progressive medicine including the treatment of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses

Holly Ahern, MS, Professor of Microbiology (SUNY Adironack), science writer, researcher in Lyme Disease spirochete biology

Darlene McMahon-Director of Children’s Lyme Network

John McPherson, Nationally Symdicated Cartoonist, Creator of the “Close to Home” comic; Patient Advocate

Kristin Raucci, MA, High School Spanish Teacher, Insurance Reform Advocate (denied treatment 9 times)

Allison Acettella, High School Senior, Young Adult Patient Advocate


15. North Carolina (2 Events)

State Coordinator: Beth Snyder Email:

2 Events will be going on in North Carolina!Event # 1

What: Lyme Disease Awareness Info Booth

When: 5/11

Where: Raleigh flea market (@ the NC State FairgroundsEvent # 2

When: May 10th, 11th & 12th

What: Lyme awareness booth

Where: Mayfest in Pilot Mountain (north of Winston Salem)

Girlscouts will be handing out hundreds of lyme awareness ribbons to give out, creating a kids tick awareness coloring activity sheet and doing some tick identfying and other activities with kids.More Mayfest info here:


16. South Dakota

State Coordinator: Kris Kuipers

Ribbons Across South Dakota and spreading awareness all over South Dakota


17. Tennessee

State Coordinators:

Cat Kozich Email Contact:

Tabetha Greene Email Contact:

Theme: Spreading the Word about Lyme Disease and turning your porch lights green!

Where: Throughout your state.

When: May 10 & 11


18. Texas

State Coordinator: Amie Pandolfo Contact Email:

When: May 10 & 11, 2013

Where: Everywhere in Texas!

What: Wear Green and Pass out Lyme Brochures Fliers! Put a green ribbon on your mailbox and turn your porch light green!


19. Virginia

State Coordinator: Erin Doty Senger Email:

What: Blackburg Lights up for Lyme!

May 10 – Lyme Awareness get together at Virginia Tech Campus & Medical Community Outreach from 12-4

May 11th- Lyme Awareness peaceful march in downtown Blacskburg, library, Kent Square, Farmer’s Market, 1st & Main, outdoor hot spots (Huckleberry Trail, Pandapas, Heritage Trail) from 12-4p.

*Both days, we will meet up @ 12 noon (locations TBA) for photos & then spread awareness! Wear lime green! Bring your posters!

20. Wisconsin

State Coordinator: Jennifer Christie Email:

What: Worldwide Lyme awareness day rally, “Sit In” at park with Lyme Awareness Signs

When: Friday May 10th, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Where: Baird Place, Webster/East Mason Streets Green Bay, WI (SE corner of Webster and East Mason Streets.)

These states are working on a plan.

Ohio- Facebook Planning Page

New Jersey-


What everyone can do from home

Every state is encouraged to join the Worldwide Lyme Awareness Protest by doing the following:

Ribbons Across America Started several year ago by every May Lyme Patients and their family and friends tie up Lime Green Ribbons to their doors, mailboxes or trees in their yard.

Samantha’s Green Light Project This is the second year where Lyme patients and their friends and family will change out their light bulbs on their porch for a green light for the month of May.

Petition Signings-

Letter Writing Campaign-

Twitter Campaign- Let’s fill up Twitter with Lyme Awareness Tweets on May 10th & May 11th!

Make sure whether you are part of a group or participating on your own, to send all your pictures from May 10 & May 11 to us to display on the Worldwide Protest Blog!

What other Countries are Doing

Queensland Australia is having several Lyme Awareness Events in different states also including: New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania. Learn more about these events here: and keep up on the latest Lyme Disease updates in Australia here:
Belgium will be doing online and written actions., Facebook posts and green awareness signs, but also working on a petition and letters.
Denmark Lyme patients are asking for a clinical diagnosis on Borreliose (Lyme), in Denmark – as long as no test is accurate, NO one should go home with the diagnosis of a syndrome, a psyhiatric label, or no diagnosis at all!
They will rally in  Copenhagen, in front of our goverment building called Christiansborgs Slotsplads
When: May 10, 10.00 to 14.00
Les associations France Lyme ( et Lyme sans Frontières ( organisent un rassemblement national à Lyon, place Bellecour. Il a lieu le samedi 11 mai de 10h à 19h. Vous êtes libre de venir quand vous le souhaitez ! Nous distribuerons des tracts d’information aux passants. Renseignements : organizations France Lyme ( and Lyme sans Frontières ( will organize a protest meeting in Lyon, Bellecour Place. It will occur on Saturday 11 May from 10am to 7pm. You are free to come whenever you want! We will give information tracts to the pedestrians. Information:

“” will be coordinating Germany’s Lyme protest and have gained thousands of supporters and joint signatory for an open letter to the German health minister. This letter, including thousands of signatures, will be handed to our health authorities on May the 10th. We are going to invite the press to cover this hand-over.

On Saturday the 11th of May we have organized a demonstration in Berlin and invited anyone that would like to help. Our protest march will start at 2pm towards the Brandenburg Gate where several Lyme literate MDs will hold a closing speech. Alongside the demonstration we will hold a letter campaign for all those that are unable to join for the demonstration in Berlin. These letters are sent to our National reference centre for Lyme Borreliosis in Munich, one of the strongest official deniers of chronic Lyme Disease amongst the German government agencies.”
Norway will have a demonstration outside of parliament the May 10th at 12 pm. Jordan Fisher Smith, from “Under our Skin” will be speaking at the Norway protest. Other guests that will be at the protest will be Lars Monsen and Erna Solberg.
United Kindgom
protest will be held at Department of Health, in London on Friday 10th May, 2013. Please stop by their website for more details! Please stop by to sign their petition too.

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