yolanda foster and lyme diseaese

Yolanda Foster Timeline with Lyme Disease

yolanda foster and lyme diseaese

Yolanda Foster and her Public Lyme Journey

Yolanda Foster has become one of the most outspoken celebrity Lyme disease advocates. Here is a timeline of her articles, news appearances and events she has attended to advocate for Lyme disease awareness. Thank you for all that you do Yolanda and we pray you find healing. ♥

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Worldwide Lyme Protest

Photo Credit: Sandi Bohle
Photo Credit: Sandi Bohle

See More Pictures from the Protest Here

You know Yolanda Foster from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Back in December she started tweeting about having Lyme Disease.
If you want to see Yolanda’s story in her own words. You should follow her on Twitter. She posts about what she is going through and you could offer her support and vice versa. https://twitter.com/YolandaHFoster

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