You are a Warrior because…

You are a Warrior because…

You wake up in pain every single day,
but you get up anyways.

You feel like you are dying,
but you hide it so others don’t feel your pain.

You have a disease the medical community ignores,chronic lyme disease
so you educate and empower yourself.

Insurance companies won’t pay for your medicine,
so supplements line your shelf.

Many people have abandoned you,
yet you advocate for others who are also sick.

You have a disease that the government denies exists,
even though they created it.

Your body does not work right anymore,
yet each day you find hope.

You feel like your body’s failing you,
but you never give up.

Your arms feel weak,
but you still hug  your pets, wife, husband or kids.

Your legs cannot walk right,
but your still kicking the IDSA & CDC’s  ass.

Your hear doctor say lies,
so you focus on spreading the truth.

Your head feels like it will explode,
but you continue to breath.

Your ears ring louder then thunder,
you feel an internal tremor.

Yet, everyday you wake,
you get up, and you try.

Showers and baths are few and far between,
just too dizzy and weak.

So you seek out friends online, who understand what it’s like,
to be chronically ill, and create a new family.

So when you are getting down,
and feel like you can’t go on.

Remember, you my friend, are a warrior,
Let nothing bring you down.

May 2017 Lisa Hilton
Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Lyme Warrior Poster

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