Zach Moritz, Former Boise State basketball player



Zach Moritz

From IdahoStatesman: 

“Former Boise State men’s basketball player Zach Moritz passed away last week at the age of 27. Moritz had been fighting Lyme disease for nearly two years.

Moritz played for the Broncos from 2006-11, redshirting his first season after arriving from Vancouver, Wash. He averaged a career-best 10.2 minutes per game his senior year, scoring 3.2 points per game. In his career, he scored 252 points and 275 rebounds.

During his senior season, he wrote a few occasional stories for the Broncos’ website. Before his death, he had been working on writing his first book. After playing for the Broncos, he played for two seasons professionally in Denmark.

Former teammate Reggie Larry tweeted his condolences Saturday. They played together on the Broncos’ 2007-08 WAC championship team.”

4 thoughts on “Zach Moritz, Former Boise State basketball player”

  1. Chronic Lyme Disease – does it exist – Oh yeah. He saw post lyme psychiatric features that no psych expert could identify and tie to lyme.

    He got bit while in Europe. It took 9 months to start to fully manifest. Many professionals missed it.

    Google >> Lyme-brochure-psych-2014 <> 15 million year old lyme ticks <<
    Unfortunately neither is denial and ignorance.

    We love you Z.

    1. i’m in maine…
      chronic lyme and babesia – 27 years…
      misdiagnosed 25 years…
      naturopathic doctor diagnosed me in 15 minutes – then proceeded to save my life! thank you dr. k…
      i’m still quite ill with a long way to go – if/when i can afford the natural treatments that help my body heal…

  2. my sympathies to zach’s family on the loss of a young, athletic man in his prime of life.


    bettyg, iowa activist
    46.5 yrs. chronic lyme
    35 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs, unacceptable

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